Bubba Wallace Fined $50,000 by NASCAR for Behavior on Cooldown Lap

Bubba Wallace Fined $50,000 by NASCAR for Behavior on Cooldown Lap



 By The Associated Press  July 10, 2024 at 12:59pm

NASCAR fined Bubba Wallace $50,000 on Wednesday for retaliatory contact against race winner Alex Bowman on the cooldown lap of the Chicago Street Race.
Wallace door-slammed Bowman’s car and sent it into the wall.
Bowman said after the race he had spun Wallace during Sunday’s event and the retaliation was warranted.

Bubba Wallace has been fined $50,000 for this post-race incident with Alex Bowman. pic.twitter.com/C9GP93C4zC
— NASCAR on NBC (@NASCARonNBC) July 10, 2024

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Bowman also advocated for Wallace not to be punished.
Bowman said Wallace “has every right be mad.”

“I’d be mad, too,” Bowman said of Wallace. “I ruined his day. The restart was chaotic. I just made every wrong decision that I possibly could.
“I was fighting with my windshield wiper switch trying to get it working and I couldn’t get it working. I was focused on that, missed the corner.

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“I locked all four tires and just slid right into him.
“I just messed up and absolutely ruined his day. I’m pretty h …

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